Cleaning The Glock Magazine

It is important to keeping your Glock firearm in perfect working order and clean. This includes the magazine. Here is how to clean your Glock magazine.

You should always point the weapon in a safe direction when unloading it and never assume that it is unloaded. You should make absolutely sure that the weapon is unloaded by removing the magazine from the weapon and moving the slide back. Remove the weapon from the area where you are working.
After putting on your safety goggles, you should have the floor plate facing upward by turning the magazine upside down. Insert the Glock armorer's tool or a punch into the hole while pushing the tab into the magazine and down.

On both sides of the magazine there will be locking tabs. Grab and apply some pressure to these tabs using your finger and thumb, while pulling forward on the armorer's tool or punch. You need to be very careful when you slide the floor plate off because there is a plate that is being pushed by a spring beneath the floor plate. To prevent the spring from flying out of the magazine, keep your other thumb over the opening.
Remove the plastic piece at the bottom of the spring known as the follower, the spring, and the retention plate from the magazine. Set all of these parts aside. On each of these parts you should spray some CLP gun cleaner and then scrub them with a brush. Then wipe them all of these parts with a clean cloth once you have scrubbed them clean with the cloth and ensure that all of the cleaner that is leftover is removed.

Next, you can reassemble the magazine by placing the spring back on the follower, dropping the follower into the magazine, and placing the retention plate back in. So that the spring doesn't fly out of the magazine, you should keep your thumb on this part. Then slide the floor plate back into place.

It can't be stressed enough to make sure that your Glock weapon is unloaded prior to cleaning the magazine. Never point your Glock weapon and anyone else or yourself. In addition, you shouldn't use any oil while you are maintaining and cleaning your Glock weapon because oil can have a detrimental effect on your ammunition.

You can make the removal of the floorplate less awkward and much easier by using a tool that will grip and help with applying the required pressure to the safety tabs known as the G-TUL.


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