Benefits of being featured in LIKEiT Magazine

Here are some of the great benefits you can get by being featured in LIKEiT Magazine.

You get maximum impact. The reason is because, your feature can't be missed-¦ it's a full page dedicated just for you! That is not all. You get to take advantage of optional audio or video you want to put in your page to keep viewers engaged. Live links instantly connect them to your website.
You can say it is exclusively for you. LIKEiT Magazine is an exclusive marketing tool for the businesses being featured. Say no to one-fourth or one-half page ads. You deserve to have a full page devoted to you and you alone.

 Do you want to connect with people, then you got it cause you're cool, trendy and eco-friendly. The -˜flip page technology' is the latest trend in digital publishing. Being part of this exclusive group positions you as a trendsetter and a socially responsible business owner.

Social Media? All those yak, yak, yak? You got it all in your pocket! Facebook. Google. Twitter. Social media is the new word-of-mouth advertising. The sooner you're part of the conversation the better. We will help put you there. Nowadays, most people log on to the Internet first thing in the morning to check their emails, touch base with the activity on their Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts, look for interesting trivia, chat with friends or clients, look for a job and even go shopping.
Choose Your Niche. We have diverse kinds of features and articles. You decide which market works best for your products and services. We'll deliver. With a comfortable design that is easy on the eye and the availability of multiple live links to Internet websites, the magazine will attract a new audience of readers who are more apt to read online. Each issue is jam-packed with articles on personal care, beauty, healthy living, relaxation and staying fit. Find useful tips on living your life to the fullest with the most accurate information on nutrition, diet, physical enhancement, cooking and other ways that contribute to one's well-being.

It is definitely a multi-marketing tool. There is no doubt about it, your feature is also a stand-alone brochure. Email LIKEiT Magazine to your customers, colleagues and friends. Every click spreads the word about your business and builds the viral distribution. While it's true, that we all love to flip through a glossy magazine, more and more people are find a lack of time to engage in that activity. With so many hours consumed behind our desk and glued to the computer, we hardly have the time to pick up a magazine. So why not use the tool that's already in front of you-¦ your computer or laptop.


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