The Economist Magazine

The Economist Magazine is a global weekly magazine written for those who share an uncommon interest in being well and broadly informed. Each issue explores domestic and international issues, business, finance, current affairs, science, technology and the arts.  The Economist offers its readers the most useful and reliable news on the state of the world’s about economic ups and downs. If you want to be an up to date and regular citizen of the world then this is a best magazine to subscribe by online. The Economist looks at global news and issues with a vital eye that is first class in today's media. If you want to increase your knowledge then this magazine is suitable for you. Main Feature:- The most interesting features of the Economist are that articles are written in a uniform voice from cover to cover. This regularity gives the reader the impression that a single author has written the content. Main characteristic:- The main characteristics focus on a standard topic like Countries and regions, Business, as well as Finance and Economics. A special section that gets published every three months, some latest trends and advancements in science and technology.

  The design of this magazine is great. They follow a multi-layered nested design. All the important news stories are summarized at the front cover. The information of second level giving consists of the contents list. On the third level of design, there are stories of the leaders - those news stories that require serious attention.  The Economist magazine has very faithful viewers. The weekly circulation is nearly 1.5 million issues and almost half of them are sold in the United States. A major portion of the economist subscription volume comes from other continents, mainly Europe and Asia. Economist magazine provide you 51 issues per year in $99.00. It is interesting however to notice a decrease in the search trend for the magazine in main search engines like Google and Yahoo, possibly indicating a change in loyalty and habits from those who follow the magazine closely. The magazine is probably read by more presidents, prime ministers, and chief executives around the world than any other. So, if you're ready and willing to spend some time reading thoughtful, thought-provoking, in-depth analysis of the news of the world, you won't find a better news magazine than The Economist.


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